I’m reminded again of the quote from Scott Fitzgerald, “You do not write because you want to say something; you write because you have something to say.” I can relate to those who are called to express the burdens within their hearts and thankful for the opportunity to share mine. These freedoms may not always be with us as the world is becoming aggressively opposed to God and His disciples. I write for several secular publications around the country and I’m often warned about toning it down with Jesus as it might offend those who disagree. The subtle hint here is that being selective with my words would be better than having no platform at all. Many newspapers have already closed the door on spiritual content because of political, social, and cultural resistance.

The Living on Purpose column is recognized as a source of encouragement and faith, nevertheless, as a watchman I must never ignore His warnings. Pastors and teachers will agree it’s easier to talk about doctrines and Biblical history, but it’s a solemn responsibility and personal sacrifice to deliver a specific and urgent message from God Himself. In the Bible when He would choose a servant that He could trust, often their obedience brought persecution and for some, it cost them their lives. This is happening right now. I’m referring to those few individuals that are not afraid to speak divine truth about sin even if they are silenced with force. The religious “fluff” will continue adapting and compromising as a part of their self-preservation, but sadly this fear of offending is causing many churches to reconsider their stand against sin as a solution to maintain popularity while avoiding hostile spiritual warfare.

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