Debbie Tolson is owner of Earth Angeles, a metaphyscial shop on Main Street in Campbellsville.

Debbie Tolson has seen spirits for her entire life. Born with extensive medical issues, Tolson said she succumbed to an asthma attack at the age of 5.

“I had turned blue and they rushed me to the hospital and I died,” Tolson recounted. “I remember leaving my body — it felt like a tornado had sucked me out of my body — and I went into a tunnel and to the other side.”

Standing among the clouds, Tolson remembers seeing a half moon bridge over a blue stream leading to a brightly colored forest full of vivid plants and wildlife.

“I went running towards the bridge to cross and a guy dressed in white came across and said that it was not my time. He said, ‘You have to go back and finish what you started,’ but I wanted to go home. He again told me that I had to finish what I had started and I hugged him and he told me that he would always be with me.”

Returning to her body, Tolson remembers instant pain.

Awakening, she told her mother about her experience, but adults dismissed it as a dream.

“They say that when you’ve been on the other side and come back, you have one foot here and one foot over there, and that’s why I see spirits,” Tolson said. “I always knew I was different because I had always seen spirits.”

Prior to her experience, Tolson said she encountered spirits in her home, specifically an old man in a top hat and long coat.

“I just thought it was normal for everybody to see spirits as a kid growing up.”

Throughout her life, Tolson has experienced many hardships, which she said led to bouts of darkness and depression.

“I have been through a lot and have been around a lot of negativity growing up, but I’ve learned to overcome it and understand that you have to stay within the light and keep your vibration and energy high to protect yourself,” Tolson said. “But it’s taken years to get to this point. When I was learning about spirituality, they didn’t have the internet, so I had to find books and seek out the information and a lot of people didn’t want to help.”

Tolson found community in literature as she began to hone in on her gifts by reflecting inward to align her chakras.

Sharing her gifts with others, Tolson often is tasked with delivering messages to those that are lost or broken and helping repair blocked chakras through Reiki healing.

Originally from Frankfort, Tolson found herself stranded in Campbellsville after her vehicle malfunctioned.

“So I came down to Campbellsville and my brand new car broke down,” Tolson laughed. “My daughter was out of town and I couldn’t get a car so I ended up staying here until it was fixed and, long story short, I ended up moving down here.”

Never intending to move to a small town, Tolson quickly decided to retire from a long-time career at UPS to open a metaphysical shop in Campbellsville.

“I found this place and I knew I wanted to sell crystals and do something I loved and help people at the same time,” Tolson said. “So, I opened Earth Angeles and I’ve been here for two years now.”

Setting intentions for herself, her store and her new community, Tolson has been able to stay afloat despite the pandemic.

“Everything is about intention, what you put behind your intentions, and energy,” Tolson said. “I don’t force anyone to come in and do Reiki or anything, but I offer it for those that need help.”

Entering her shop, customers are greeted with calming music, heavenly aromas and a sense of lightness that can be attributed to her daily cleansing of the space and strategic placement of crystals.

“I cleanse the shop every day and I call on angels, so when you walk in you feel a lightness. There is a waterfall over my door so that nothing negative can come in here, with crystals and markings over the doors and windows,” Tolson said. “I do everything with intention, to protect myself and everyone who comes in here. I am creating a loving, light energy, so that it’s like getting a hug when you enter.”

Earth Angeles employee and card reader Savannah Mejean describes Tolson as having a maternal energy.

“Debbie is like a second mother to me and anyone I bring into the shop. She is a highly spiritual being; her Reiki work is amazing and she is truly a healer at heart,” Mejean said. “She brings clarity and I have learned so much about myself and the world around me because of her. Debbie brings clarity with spiritual work, helping with self-love, healing, protection and guidance.”

With a degree in Reiki healing, Tolson has worked with many clients in pain, from physical injuries to mental and emotional traumas.

“I am here to help you get rid of the dark energy, the blockages and ties, to retune your body so that you can live your best life,” Tolson added.

Tolson emphasizes the importance of putting in the work to achieve your higher self and raising your vibrations.

“It’s important for people to realize that they have to work on themselves too, because I can’t just fix you. I can’t cure you, but I can help direct healing and teach you how to raise your vibration.”