Campbellsville is urbanizing with the addition of another downtown business.

First Street Brewery is the first of its kind in the area, boasting craft beers on tap from across the globe.

Owners Jeff and Tracy Perry are fulfilling a vision to create a sophisticated space for people to experience life firsthand.

“We wanted somewhere that people could gather and have a great experience,” Tracy said. “And we also wanted to offer a variety of things so that people wouldn’t have to drive out of town to get it.”

With 12 craft beers on tap, the Perrys made sure to supply flavors for every palate.

“I like most beers, but I really like the darks,” Jeff said. “I’m not as big of a fan of the sours.”

“I don’t really like beer, I definitely prefer the sours,” Tracy said.

Breaking away from the status quo, Jeff was adamant that their business only supply craft beers, strictly prohibiting popular domestics like Bud Light and Michelob.

“It’s about creating an experience,” Tracy said. “And part of that is sticking to our vision.”

Diving into the business headfirst, the Perrys worked their way backward, purchasing their building and equipment ahead of creating a business plan.

“We did it totally backwards, there’s no sugarcoating it,” Jeff said. “Most people that want to open a brewery homebrew for a few years, get together with friends and set out a structure of the business. We bought the building in October and the equipment in May.”

After stumbling across the building and realizing the potential, the Perrys listened to their intuition and went all in.

“The big thing for us was that we were worried about someone coming in if they were an investor or they were a partner and telling us what we had to do,” Jeff added.

“People wanted to push us to be something else,” Tracy said. “But we are building something solid and we have our mind and our hearts set on having a nice atmosphere where people can gather in a space together. We don’t want TVs everywhere; we don’t want a sports bar. We wanted something different and something solid so that our children will eventually take over and continue the business.”

With a mission to create an inclusive space, the Perrys display various international flags upstairs.

“We have children in the military. One is living in London and one in Belgium, so we have those flags displayed,” Tracy said. “Jeff has a sister that lives in Australia as well, so we have that flag too. People that want to have their flags added are more than welcome to, we want to create connections and really make this a place of diversity and commonality.”

Newly established empty nesters, the Perrys’ dream came with some fortunate timing.

“Had we have waited much longer we wouldn’t have done this,” Tracy said. “We bought a building in the right place without even knowing we did. We didn’t know what all went in to opening up a place, but it has all worked out and we’ve been lucky.”

First Street Brewery also offers a selection of Heritage Wines locally produced by The Vineyard pastor Adam Russell.

Customers that don’t partake in alcohol are welcome with other beverage options like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Sprite and water.

Unique menu items include beer flights, jumbo pretzels and beer cheese, truffle popcorn, pickled eggs and grazing boards.

First Street Brewery is at 222 First St, and is open from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, from 5-11 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 3-11 p.m. Saturday and 3-8 p.m. Sunday.