Lady Eagles senior

Brianna Hayes, a senior on the Lady Eagles, sights up a free throw in the game against Green County on Jan. 6.

Brianna Hayes is the only senior on Campbellsville girls’ basketball team this season.

“It is a lot of pressure,” Hayes said. “It’s been a big adjustment because I was usually a follower and never had to be the leader before.”

Hayes thought stepping up having to be the leader wasn’t going to go well and made her nervous thinking about it, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

Most of the other seniors that were on the basketball team either graduated last year or quit this time because of not having enough time for the sport or it didn’t fit in with their schedules.

“I got into basketball because of my grandpa,” said Hayes, who began playing basketball and other sports in fourth grade. “He always wanted me to play.”

Bobby Hayes, Brianna Hayes’ grandfather said, “Bri has grown up around athletic people. Her father was a really good baseball pitcher and her aunt was an all-state softball player. When she was younger, my wife and I helped raise her so she went to all my daughter’s softball tournaments, so she was always around it.”

Bobby Hayes coached all his kids“ sports and picked up coaching his granddaughter’s team when she was younger too.

Brianna is a passionate athlete and works hard towards the sports she’s in.

Kyvin Goodin-Rogers said, “when Brianna is down and focus, she’s very helpful. She’s long she’s lanky. She has good deflection skills and she gets to the basket and can pretty much do whatever she wants to.”

Brianna does have one weakness which she has been working on which is mental toughness.

As an underclassman, she frequently got nervous before games because she thought she would mess it up for the older girls at the time.

At times when she did mess up in the past it caused her to get her head down and she would be like that the rest of the game.

This season though she has gotten a lot better about it and she credits encouragement from Coach Goodin-Rogers.

Brianna doesn’t want the pressure of having to play a sport, doing college and possibly a job.

She is also feeling a bit burnt out on it after playing so long.

Brianna said she is hoping for success for the team. “I want to end it on a high note.”

Brianna is planning to go to Campbellsville University and wants to go to be an esthetician, a skin care doctor.