Let us continue in prayer for the families that have lost loved ones, the sick and shut-ins, those in hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, jailhouses, prisons, rehabs, the homeless, men and women fighting for our country, our law enforcement, the essential workers, the virus epidemic, our country, our President, Vice President, The White House, the Ukrainian War, our teachers, doctors, nurses, CNA, all medical divisions, and pray for one another.

Mansfield “Smitty” had surgery last Friday in Louisville. If all goes well, he will be released from the hospital to rehab. Mildred Dorsey-Thompson will have surgery Tuesday in Elizabethtown.

Everyone take care of yourself and loved ones. The Covid virus is on the rise. Be safe, take care and get vaccinated.

Have a wonderful week. Be safe and careful driving the highways; stay warm!

Thought for TodayToday is a beautiful day

May God take care of all your needs

Touch your life with joy and contentment.

Bless your health with love and faith.

Comfort your soul with gladness and inner peace.

Grant you good health,

Lasting comfort and relief

From the burdens of life.

Yes, God is good all the time!