Mattingly gives Court update on voting machines

County Clerk Chad Mattingly displays the electronic poll books that the county will have to purchase before May’s primary election as Magistrate Jackie Fogle, left, looks on.

For the past several elections, Marion County has used electronic poll books that are on the State of Kentucky contract. Those electronic poll books are what voters use to sign in before voting.

But that contract is set to expire before this year’s May Primary, and all counties in Kentucky will need to sign a contract with one of the four state-certified vendors. With that in mind, County Clerk Chad Mattingly explained the situation to the Marion County Fiscal Court at the Jan. 19 meeting.

“Each county has to come up with their own sign-in machines,” Mattingly said. “If we order them right now it will be a 12-week wait. I want to be one of the first counties in the supply chain.”

Mattingly explained that he had quotes from three of the approved vendors (Civix, KNOWiNK, and Tenex), adding that there were pros and cons with each vendor.

“There are funds set aside to reimburse counties for the purchase of electronic poll books but it hasn’t been finalized yet,” Mattingly said. Still, he stressed that time is of the utmost importance.

“I don’t want to order them at the same time as everybody else,” Mattingly said. “We’ve got to make some sort of decision.”

“At the end of the day we gotta make it work,” Magistrate Jackie Fogle said. “We’ll do whatever it takes.”

The court told Mattingly to let them know if a special called meeting needed to be called to approve the purchase in a timely fashion.

Mattingly also informed the court that his office was awarded a grant from the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives for the digitizing of land records for the past 60 years.

“We were awarded a KDLA grant for $44,875 to cover the full cost of the project,” Mattingly said, adding that the grant will allow his office to comply with a recently passed law three years ahead of schedule.

In other business, the Court:

• Approved the resolution supporting the use of budgeted General Funds to support the expansion of broadband in Marion County for $100,000, which will allow Spectrum to apply for those matching funds in Marion County.

• Approved a budget transfer to the Road Fund for $50,000 and the EMS Fund for $150,000.

• Approved moving Pedro Rodriguez from part-time to full-time security at the Marion County Detention Center.

• Approved the reimbursement of $13,855.48 for the truck for the Rescue Squad.

• Approved the second annual allotment for the Fire Departments and Rescue Squad of $11,500.

• Approved the purchase of a 2024 Freightliner from Kentucky Truck Sales for the Road Department for $156,718.

• Keith Brock with Solid Waste discussed the recent changes by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding hazardous substances that could affect the treatment of water that leaches from the county’s orphaned landfill.

• Jailer Barry Brady said an internal billing audit discovered a $144,000 deficit in the amount the state should have paid the detention center and commended April Hardin for her work in discovering the deficit.

• Approved the payment of $2,500 to Bound Tree for training on the EMS supply inventory system.

• Approved the updated Ditch Maintenance Plan presented by Rebecca Williams of Emergency Management.

• Approved the allocation of $2,500 for the Bradfordsville Youth League.