The residents at Springfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed playing Bingo on Friday and Monday afternoon. It is a popular game every time we play. Do you ever play bingo some where?

We exercised to music on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this past week. They enjoyed selecting the music we played. Do you enjoy music like we do?

Tuesday’s treat was special as we served Flipside crackers with easy cheese and apple juice and cranberry apple juice for our drink. The residents loved this afternoon snack.

Tuesday afternoon some of our ladies did some coloring pages and did an awesome job.

Wednesday morning we played pitching pennies in the dining room. They did a good job getting their penny close to a yard stick. It is a good eye and hand activity.

Thursday morning we remembered old time black and white television shows in the form of trivia questions. They were good at playing this game.

Thursday afternoon we enjoyed playing Big Six Little Three dice game. Those who played had fun.

Friday morning we had fun playing corn hole; the residents who participated did well. Do you play it at times like we do?